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Every year, the College of Charleston's Office of New Student Programs introduces over 2,000 incoming freshmen, transfer students and their families to the campus. We welcome you to the College of Charleston legacy, a family tradition since 1770. We strive to make your adjustment to student life successful. Now that you've officially been admitted, the College of Charleston invites you to participate in the new student orientation and learning to Live the Life as a College of Charleston student.

We welcome your inquiries via e-mail or phone (843.953.2017).

Summer 2023 Orientation Update (5/15/2023)

For the health and safety of our students, families, faculty and staff, the College of Charleston summer 2023 New Student and Family orientation programs will be held online. 

Students will be expected to complete online activities on their assigned orientation date. For students who are registered for Session 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10, your sessions have been rescheduled.  Please see the schedule below.  

Orientation registration will reopen on Monday, May 18 at 10:00 am in MyCharleston.  Students have an equal chance of classes and class times at each orientation session, so there is no advantage in regards to course registration in coming to an earlier session.

Summer 2023 Orientation Dates

The following sessions are for students who are starting classes at the College of Charleston in fall 2023.  New students who pay the enrollment confirmation fee to the Office of Admissions will begin to receive orientation information in the mail at the beginning of March.    Orientation registration is open and students may complete their orientation registration online through MyCharleston. 

Session Day of the Week Dates 怎样可伍上国外网站
1 Wednesday and Thursday July 8 and 9 as of 5/15 this session is an honors preferred session



6 Monday and Tuesday July 13 and 14

as of 4/2  this session is a honors preferred session, athlete preferred, transfer preferred; also open to all students


date unchanged

7 Thursday and Friday July 16 and 17

as of 4/2 this session is a honors preferred session, athlete preferred, military student preferred and open to all students

Closed date unchanged
8 Monday and Tuesday July 20 and 21

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如何进入外国网站 date unchanged
2 Thursday July 23


original date June 18 and 19
3 Friday 手机怎么浏览国外网站 Closed original date June 22 and 23
4 Monday and Tuesday July 27 and 28 Closed original date June 29 and 30
11 Wednesday 怎样浏览国外网站 Closed new session - added 6/22
5 Thursday and Friday July 30 and 31 手机怎么浏览国外网站 original date July 8 and 9
 9 Monday and Tuesday August 3 and 4 as of 4/27 this session is open to all students (freshman and transfers)  Closed original date August 17 and 18
10 Thursday and Friday August 6 and 7   Closed 手机怎么上外国网站
12 Thursday 手机怎么上外国网站 Closed new session - added 6/26
13 怎样才能浏览外国网站 August 21 new session - added 7/10
Late Registration Monday-Friday, Monday August 24-28, 31 Students should register through MyCharleston. You will receive an email confirmation with their assigned date and time within 7 days of registering.   After August 20th, student will receive their assigned date and time via email after 3pm the day they register.

The first day of classes for the fall semester is Tuesday, August 25, 2023. For additional semester dates, please refer to the academic calendar for each semester.  

Deadline to Request an Orientation Session Change

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Online Orientation Information for Students

Online Orientation Information for Families

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  • Families who are signed up for orientation will receive a family information packet in the summer.   Please make sure your student’s mailing address is updated in MyCharleston before June 15.
  • A week before your student's assigned orientation session, we would send a packet to all families registered for family orientation.  During the week of your student's orientation date, you will be invited to a virtual event each day of that week.  All sessions will be recorded so that if you are not able to watch at the time they are presented online you can watch them later.  The links will be available on the presentations and handouts section of the website.  
  • The times of the sessions and the schedule of the presentations each day are being finalized and and will be posted on the virtual family orientation overview page. 

Technology and Internet Access Needs for Virtual Orientation

In order to participate in virtual new student orientation, we recommend that you have access to a laptop or desktop with a webcam and a strong Internet connection. Mobile and tablet devices may be used if necessary.   

Please make sure to set up your College of Charleston zoom account and access it the day of your orientation.  You can find directions at

If would not be able to access the recommended technology on your assigned orientation date, please complete the survey at five days before your orienation session so we can work on alternate plans.  We will contact you at your CofC email address in 5 business days from when you submit the survey.   If you are not able to submit it five days before your session, please complete the form and email with your technical needs.  

Notification of Confirmation

Please do not make plans to take off work to attend the virtual orientation until your date has been confirmed. One week after you have submitted your online registration form, you’ll be able to see your confirmation online. (We do not mail or email confirmations.) Log onto, select the “academic services” tab, locate the “orientation” box and click on “orientation session confirmation.”

How to Register for Orientation

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  1. Go to, use your Cougars account information to log in (this would be the letter log in and not the number one you used as an applicant), and select the “academic services” tab.
  2. Scroll down and locate the “orientation” box.
  3. Click on the “orientation registration” link in the “orientation” box.
  4. You will automatically be routed to the online registration form.
  5. Verify that your name and email address are displayed and continue on to the registration form. Follow the instructions and complete the entire reservation form. Please answer all the questions. 

If you have additional questions, check out the orientation registration booklet.   

Student Holds

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Course Registration Process at the College

At the College of Charleston, course options will be available at each orientation session since seats are held open for each of the orientation sessions. Courses that may appear closed on MyCharleston may have seats open when new students register on the second day of orientation. This allows new students to have a chance to select the courses they may want.

The "perfect" schedule may not be available, but all students will be able to register for a full load of classes that will help them fulfill their core curriculum and degree requirements. New students should be prepared to be flexible and should not rule out registering for classes that begin as early as 8:00 a.m. or late in the afternoon.

After students attend New Student Orientation, they may make changes to their semester schedule through MyCharleston during designated open registration periods.  It is recommended that students consult with their academic advisor about schedule changes.  


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